cropped-denise-austin-cover.jpgIn the conclusion of Denise Austin’s book, “Get Energy! Empower your Body, Love your Life” she writes the following words.

“In these pages, I’ve told you everything I know about how to reclaim your energy so that you can live your life to the fullest. Just as important, I’ve given you a plan. But never forget¬†that it is you- the beautiful, unique being your are – who must transform this plan from words on a page into action.”

This blog is my plan to do just that. In this world of the internet, social media, magazines, billboards, TV shows, and an endless array of self-help books, it is not that we don’t know how to be healthy, happy and fit individuals, it is that, for me anyway, I am overwhelmed with options and ideas and yet seem to consistently come up short on the follow through.

Don’t get me wrong! My life is not a train wreck. I am a happily married thirty-four-year old and we hope to start a family soon. I am at a healthy weight and have a job I like reasonably well. However there are areas of my life I wish to improve. I often start a consistent workout routine for a week or two or six, then tail off. I make a vow to eat healthier and more consistently, then a short time later find myself snacking on sugary foods throughout the day. I’ll plan to stay off of the internet before bed, or as a default throughout the day, then find myself in a Wikipedia hole at midnight a few days later. I try and leave work at work, then find myself ruminating about something or other from work on the weekends. I think we all can relate to these scenarios!

I have often wondered what it would be like if I consistently drank eight glasses of water a day, consistently exercised a half-hour a day, consistently ate reasonably healthy, limited my internet time once-and-for -all, ¬†used tools to break my “ruminating-on-worries” habits, and so on.

This blog is my experiment in doing all of these things consistently, using Denise Austin’s book as a guide. There are millions of exercise, fitness, and self-help gurus out there, but Ms. Austin has always been a favorite of mine, thanks to her upbeat personality and her insistence that all people deserve to be happy and healthy. I have several of her workout videos and will use them for some of my half-hour a day workouts, sprinkled among other workout videos and ideas. I am not being paid by her, nor am I looking to make a profit from this blog in any way. At some point, you need to pick what works for you, ignore the rest, and just get moving!