cropped-denise-austin-cover.jpgIn the conclusion of Denise Austin’s book, “Get Energy! Empower your Body, Love your Life” she writes the following words:

“In these pages, I’ve told you everything I know about how to reclaim your energy so that you can live your life to the fullest. Just as important, I’ve given you a plan. But never forget¬†that it is you- the beautiful, unique being your are – who must transform this plan from words on a page into action.”

YogaThis blog is my plan to build consistency by turning the words from her book into action;¬†mainly, the energy checklist report found in the back of her book, and the daily morning and evening stretches. Why this book in particular, from 2011? It just struck a chord. I’m a fan of Denise Austin and her brand of being a “perky fitness guru,” but I’m not endorsed by her or anything. In this world where there are a million books, websites, and magazines on how to be healthy, I think it’s best just to pick what works and run with it!

What else about me? I spent my twenties being a vagabond, met my husband at 31, married at 32, started trying for children at 33, miscarried at 34, quit trying for kids at 35 (because of an impending move to Canada next May, best not to be 9 months pregnant at that time), plans to resume trying for children in the not-too-distant future, and/or foster care and adopt in the next few years. Sometimes you have to wait and see what life has in store!