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35 Years, Day 249

Today was kind of a throw-away day. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great and I didn’t stick to hardly anything on my list.

Energy Checklist

◊ I got enough sleep last night. It was okay, but I was wired from getting home late and stayed up too late.
◊ I energized with my morning stretch (detailed in book). No I slept through my alarm and was in a hurry.
◊ I ate breakfast. Shredded Wheat and Raisin Bran mixed together, along with coffee and milk.
◊ I drank eight glasses of water. I’m at about four cups of liquid, I forgot my water thermos.
◊ I got outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Recess with the kiddos! Lately I’ve been the only recess person out there a lot… there is supposed to be another adult out there with me at all times.
◊ If I caught myself in a negative thought, I turned it positive. I wasn’t super negative today. Just blah!
◊ I connected with someone. Hmm… I tried to connect with the third grade. I had a really good talk about science fiction with one of the groups!
◊ I did something fun or relaxing, just for me. I finished the book, Widow Basquiat in the bathtub. I have read it many times!
◊ I worked out for thirty minutes or more. Not today. I think I will get back to it tomorrow. I did do a little yoga at recess.
◊ I only went on the internet between six to eight PM: I vegged out when I got home for about an hour. So no.
◊ I did my bedtime stretch (detailed in book.) I did last night, and will do tonight!

Better luck tomorrow!!

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