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35 Years, Day 241

Today was a busy day in the school library, and then there was a volleyball night where the girls varsity team played the school staff for a game (best of three sets), then the fitness center staff, and then the boys basketball team. I was a little worried that the girls might get beat, but I wound up really impressed with them!! They beat the staff of the school and the fitness center two games to zero, and beat the boys basketball team two games to one. And they clearly new how to play the game and set up shots, where as the boys basketball team was relying on pure athleticism. Well done ladies!

Energy Checklist

◊ I got enough sleep last night. Sort of. It took me awhile to fall asleep again and probably will tonight as well because I’m wound up.
◊ I energized with my morning stretch (detailed in book). No I forgot.
◊ I ate breakfast. Shredded Wheat and Raisin Bran mixed together, along with coffee and milk.
◊ I drank eight glasses of water. I forgot my water bottle again!! But drank quite a bit when I got home so I’m at six cups of liquid and will drink some before I go to bed.
◊ I got outside for some fresh air and sunshine. A half hour of recess with the kiddos!
◊ If I caught myself in a negative thought, I turned it positive. Yes for the most part. I often have “imposter” syndrome. Like I’m not good enough. I’ve been asking for a budget for the school library and am always trying to figure out more ways to get more fun books in the library, and sometimes I feel like, who am I to ask for all this money and spend it how I want. I don’t actually have a library degree or anything! But I try really hard to figure out what the students like, and since I started a reading program where they get prizes for reading, they read a lot more. Plus, they spend crazy amounts of money on sports. So a little extra my way is not a bad thing!
◊ I connected with someone. I chatted with a few different people at the game!
◊ I did something fun or relaxing, just for me. Hmmm. Not really today. Volleyball was fun though.
◊ I worked out for thirty minutes or more. I played two sets of volleyball! We got our butts kicked partially because there were a few teachers that are nice people but really bad at volleyball, lol. That’s okay. It meant I wasn’t the worst!! I served underhand but at least they went over the net consistently!
◊ I only went on the internet between six to eight PM: I’m late doing my blog today because I got home late, but I was pretty good today. I’ve been researching books for the library at home a little bit and I need to quit that because I need work-life balance! I quit thinking about the library all summer but now I’m back in it full on!
◊ I did my bedtime stretch (detailed in book.) I did last night, and will do tonight!

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