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35 Years, Day 236

Today I worked with kiddos in the library for the first time this year, and then went for an evening walk with my hubby. It was a good day!

Energy Checklist

◊ I got enough sleep last night. Yes! That’s two nights in a row now of pretty solid sleep. Maybe it helps that I’ve been working so much and am tired by the end of the day!
◊ I energized with my morning stretch (detailed in book). No, forgot.
◊ I ate breakfast. Shredded Wheat and Raisin Bran mixed together, along with coffee and milk.
◊ I drank eight glasses of water. Well, I’m at six cups of liquid, but I AM doing better then I was before I started this blog, because I brought my water thermos to school along with my coffee thermos and drank all of that, plus milk at lunch and now I have my thermos of water by me, so when I finish it will be seven cups. No wonder I used to feel dehydrated all the time! I don’t intuitively drink enough liquid.
Hay Fields◊ I got outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Yes for a half hour and recess and going for a walk with by hubby this evening. I like this picture, it makes me smile!
◊ If I caught myself in a negative thought, I turned it positive. Yes for the most part.
◊ I connected with someone. The fourth grade class was pretty good today!
◊ I did something fun or relaxing, just for me. I started the movie “You’ve Go Mail.” Talk about a reminder of how far the internet has progressed since AOL!
◊ I worked out for thirty minutes or more. The walk with my hubby was a half hour or so.
◊ I only went on the internet between six to eight PM: I’m a little late; 8-9 instead of 6-8.
◊ I did my bedtime stretch (detailed in book.) I did last night, and will do tonight!

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