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35 Years, Day 218

SunflowerToday was a day about getting back into routines, although we’re just home for a few days, then driving to Canada for a few days. Then home for real, for our jobs to start next week! This photo is from near where we walk often; lots of sunflowers are grown around here, and soon they will be in full bloom!!

Energy Checklist
◊ I got enough sleep last night. I was wired from the trip we were on and didn’t fall asleep until about twelve-thirty. I also had a sleep paralysis dream where I was trying to move but couldn’t, and could only make “ngghhhhh” sounds (in my dream and also in the real world, my husband shook me awake.) Hopefully, tonight is more restful!
◊ I energized with my morning stretch (detailed in book). Yes
◊ I ate breakfast. Well…. we hadn’t been to the grocery store. I had a twix bar and coffee. I know… sad. We have plenty of multigrain cereal to pick from for tomorrow.
◊ I drank eight glasses of water. I’m at six cups of liquid right now; I remembered my water bottle on our walk, and I also had a sparkling lemon water.
◊ I got outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Yes, walking with my hubby and sitting outside with my cats while they were on their harnesses. There are a lot of dogs in our neighborhood so I don’t let the cats run free, or go outside without me!
◊ If I caught myself in a negative thought, I turned it positive. I think I did okay. I need to go back and look in Denise’s book at this section.
◊ I connected with someone. Just my hubby! And last night we talked with the neighbor that watched our cats for awhile.
◊ I did something fun or relaxing, just for me. I finished another romance novel. This one was called “The Art of Running in Heels.” The premise was good, but I feel like the main characters were in lust rather than love.
◊ I worked out for thirty minutes or more. Yep, back to my routine! 30 minutes of yoga today (it was a sweaty kind of yoga with lots of sun salutations done fairly quickly), and a 20 minute walk with the hubby. (Would have been longer but a swarm of bees started following us!!)
◊ I only went on the internet between six to eight PM: No. I should delete all notifications from my phone so I don’t get sucked in. I delayed upgrading from a flip phone for a really, really long time but now that I have a smart phone it does suck me in. Arrgh!
◊ I did my bedtime stretch (detailed in book.) I did last night and will do tonight!

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