Starting Over

I had nearly entirely forgotten about this blog until my credit card got charged with a new yearly fee. Then I had to remember which email I used and what the password was. Plans for this blog last year were derailed by the fact that a week after my last blog post I miscarried, and I also got very busy with work and grad school.

It’s now about a year since I started this blog the last time. Time to be revived!! Starting tomorrow I plan to keep a portion of my previous “be like Denise” blog by continuing my daily energy checklist. I’ll also be adding in other fitness and health related tidbits I’ve been up to. I’m back on summer vacation from the school my husband and I work at, and I’ve been taking an Aerial Yoga class a few times a week this summer, and have been doing Amazon Prime Yoga workouts at home.

Plans for a baby are temporarily on hold, which pains me to say because I’m 35. We tried on our own for two years with one miscarriage to show for all our work; in November we are going to start “trying” again with some help from Clomid and IUIs. The reason baby plans are on hold for a few months? We are planning to move to Canada next summer from the USA and at this point it would be a lot easier if our baby automatically had Canadian Citizenship. Dare I say “Anchor Baby?” I suppose. But we did try valiantly for an American baby. Let that be known! đŸ™‚

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