Day 17 and 18

Two days in a row! This might be hard to keep up with until I get my grad school routine down. I need to get a feel for how much work is required, and make sure I understand the system being used for the online classes (all the features on the site and places I need to look for information.)


When you Wake Up: Morning Energy Questions
◊ What will I look forward to today?
Going for a walk on the track after school. (Both days)
◊ What pleasure will I add to my day?
Reading more of Sherman Alexie’s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.” (Both days. Finished it tonight! Now it will be donated to the school library. Ha ha.
◊ How will I connect to someone today?
Hmm somebody at school!

During the Day: Energy Checklist
◊ I got enough sleep last night. Yes, both nights. But last night was the better sleep of the two.
◊ I energized with my morning stretch (detailed in book). Done
◊ I ate breakfast. Done; Cereal with blueberries both days; an apple juice today, plus my prenatal vitamin to a different one that has Iron in it.
◊ I drank eight glasses of water. I’m not sure if I got that in, the full amount but I did use my water bottle. I need to start counting!
◊ I got outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Yes I walked on the track both days.
◊ I did my afternoon Energy Shot stretch (detailed in book). Not done either day. I never remember to do this!
◊ If I caught myself slouching or slumping, I corrected my posture. Remembered as I typed this.
◊ If I caught myself in a negative thought, I turned it positive. I think I’ve done pretty good both days, it has helped having a lot of things to keep me occupied.
◊ I connected with someone. Yes, some people at school. Today, a third grader saw me walking around the track and decided to walk with me.
◊ I did something fun or relaxing, just for me. I finished the Sherman Alexie book.
◊ I worked out for thirty minutes or more. Yes, walking around the track and Denise Austin’s vid yesterday.
◊ I only went on the internet from six to eight PM: Not really, but I don’t have the time to be as awful about it as I was this summer.
◊ I did my bedtime stretch (detailed in book.) To be done this evening about ten p.m.

Before Bed: Evening Energy Questions
◊ Did I live the promises of my Morning Energy Questions?
◊ What fired me up today, and why?
 Thinking about being pregnant.
◊ What tired me out today, and why? 
Thinking about being pregnant. I’ve been repeating myself a lot but for the most part that’s good. I think this really is helping me develop routines!

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